How does the £100 shopping voucher work?

Save money with our exclusive discounts and £100 shopping voucher with every Room Design package.

A £100 shopping voucher is included with every Room Design package (not including the Room Styling Only package).

Once you receive your final design and curated shopping list you can add items to your basket and check out. Your shopping voucher is automatically applied to your basket at checkout once you’ve reached the minimum spend of £2,000 (excluding delivery).

If you have multiple vouchers, for every £2,000 basket spend, your £100 voucher discount will be automatically applied. 

The voucher can still be used in conjunction with price match requests but please note, the voucher is applied to the total basket spend after any price matches are honoured.

The voucher is valid for up to 6 months after your room design is booked. Don’t worry, we will send you a reminder when your voucher is due to expire. You can view the expiry date on the voucher, which is saved under the ‘My Rewards’, in your ‘My Designs’ tab.

Please note that if an item in your shopping list is out of stock, the shopping support team will suggest an in-stock alternative for you to consider. If an alternative is not selected and the total spend drops below £2,000, then we will refund you the item minus the £100 voucher.