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How does the My Bespoke Room service work?

We keep things as simple as possible by squeezing the magic into just five steps...

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Step 1: Book your rooms and complete your design brief

The design brief helps us match you with the best designer for your style and requirements.

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Step 2: Connect and collaborate with your designer

You will have a kick-off video call with your designer to discuss your needs, layout and style preferences. You will be constantly connected throughout the design process via our chat feature where you will share ideas and can ask questions. 

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Step 3: Agree on your layout and design direction

Your designer will explore a number of layouts so you get the most from your space. They'll also define the design direction for your room.  You'll have an opportunity to have a 2nd video call with them to make sure you're delighted with the direction we're heading in.


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Step 4: Your dream design, delivered

Grab a cuppa! Your designer will send you a professionally designed moodboard, 2D visuals, a curated shopping list, styling tips, and a video presentation. 




Step 5: Shop your design with ease (and save money!)

You'll save money with our exclusive discounts and £100 shopping voucher with every room design.   Our price match promise also means you’ll never pay more on any of the suppliers we recommend. You can shop all items in one place and our shopping support team be on hand to help, for as long as you need. 

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