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Which package is right for me?

We offer flat fee packages for all kinds of room types in your home. Find out more detail on which package will suit your needs here.

It's super easy to find the right design package for your space. Simply start the brief and select the room type that is most appropriate. For example, if your room will be used as a kitchen / living room, then this is the package for you.

Our room design packages are transparent and fixed, so you'll never pay more. Take a look at the cost of each room design package here.

What's included in our Room Design packages?

You'll get your own dedicated professional interior designer matched to your taste and requirements. You'll collaborate with them regularly over the three week process with 2 x 40 minute video calls.

You will also receive a £100 shopping voucher to spend on items in your shopping list.

At the end of the 3 weeks, you’ll receive everything you need to create your perfect room, including a floorplan, moodboard, 2D visuals of key focal points and a shopping list to help you envisage your new room. We’ll source all your key items with at least four options for each at different prices so you can choose where to save or invest.

You will then have 2 weeks post design support to ask your designer any questions

What's included in the Room Styling package

Our Room Styling package is just the thing for finishing a room - perfect if you already have the main items in your room and simply need to add some additional pieces and finishing touches.

As part of the package, you get up to six key items such as: bedside table, blinds, bedside lamp, rug, cushions and ceiling lamp. We’ll then source at least 3 options for each item, so you can swap them in and out of your main shopping list to see how your favourites work together.

You won't receive a £100 shopping voucher with this package.

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